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What happens when a Life Alert member dies?

This past weekend, my co-worker Susan lost her father. He was in his late 80s and his congestive heart failure finally got the better of him. He had been a Life Alert member for a little over ten years, and had pushed the button over a dozen times throughout the course of his membership. He went peacefully while in the hospital, surrounded by his family.

But what now? Susan’s family no longer needs Life Alert.

As a Life Alert customer service representative, it is good to know exactly what members and their families need to do in a time of great sadness. So, Susan went through the motion of canceling her father’s Life Alert, just as any family member would need to do. It was a great pleasure to find out that there was absolutely no hassle involved.

Susan called Life Alert’s corporate office – as a grieving daughter, not as a Life Alert customer service rep. The woman she spoke to, Almeida, was very sympathetic in offering her condolences. She explained that the billing would immediately be stopped, and that Susan’s family would need to send the equipment back. Like most grieving family members, Susan said that she had many other things to do to prepare for her father’s funneral. Again, Almeida was very understanding. “Your father’s membership will be cancelled today, not when we have the equipment back,” she explained. “We do hope that you will be able to ship us the equipment within the next two weeks.”

Susan then explained that her father paid yearly, not monthly, and asked what would happen to the remaining six months that her father has pre-paid for. “Life Alert will be crediting those months back to the credit card that was used,” Almeida answered. Susan thanked her very much for all of the help.

It’s a great feeling knowing you work for the best medical alert company available.


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